Learn Four Strategies To Start Improving Any Area Of Your Business


Are you tired of the same old routine of day-to-day firefighting?  Are you tired of “improvements” that don’t really result in real improvements or that don’t sustain themselves in the long run?  Our workshops are designed to give leaders and practitioners of continuous improvement and innovation a foundation for asking “What is possible for my team and organization?” and “What are the first steps to get going?”.  We don’t believe in traditional “improvement seminars”, where someone you can barely see drones on through a huge PPT deck…there’s very little value in that.  All of our workshops are design for hands-on learning, so you can get going on applying the lessons back in your organization.  As a bonus, we offer a complimentary Remote Coaching Session to help you get going!

1. Toyota Production System (TPS) / DNA of Excellence Simulation Workshop


This hands-on workshop provides leaders a step-by-step implementation process for transforming your organization, using continuous improvement and continuous innovation, in any industry or organization. Other highlights include common challenges & solutions to them, as well as focusing on the central role of leadership in successful cultural transformations.

(The TPS Simulation workshop is best suited for manufacturing, fabrication & production environments)

2. Toyota Kata Improvement Workshop

Kata 39

The Toyota Kata Improvement Workshop is a fun and instructive way of introducing participants to a simple, yet well-structured methodology of continuous improvement, solving problems, improving process, continuous innovation and achieving results, which focuses on:

  • Rapid PDCA Cycles – a methodology to achieve challenging objectives that are currently beyond a team’s ability to reach, and…
  • The 5-Question Coaching Dialogue – Developing managers and leaders as coaches for creating a culture of continuous improvement, adaption, and innovation.

(The Toyota Kata Improvement Workshop can be adapted to manufacturing, healthcare and service/retail/knowledge industries)

3. Technical Training Workshops  

Technical Training Workshops

Need some training on some of the technical details of continuous improvement, innovation and leadership?  Our Technical Training Workshops use easy to understand subjects, simulation and our Incremental Training method, which teaches the concepts and principles, and ensures learning in the student. Part of the curriculum includes coaching students through the application of their learning in their “real-life” workplace.

We offer cover the following specific subjects:

  1. Improvement/Kaizen Workshop (Beginner Level 101 and Advanced Level 501)
  2. Material & Information Flow Workshop (Beginner Level 101 and Advanced Level 501)
  3. Job Instruction (JI; How to Teach) Workshop
  4. Practical Problem Solving / Toyota Business Practices
  5. Shop Floor Management / Leadership Workshop

(All Technical Training Workshops are adaptable to manufacturing, healthcare and service/retail/knowledge industries)

4. Leadership Development Boot Camps

Leader Boot Camp 5

Developing future effective leaders is a crucial aspect of long-term success for any organization. Our boot camps are intensive, hands-on practical training for senior managers and front line leaders (team leaders, supervisors) that focus on jump starting their capacity to lead in a culture of continuous improvement and continuous innovation. Building the capability to support this culture is a key for long-term sustainability!

We offer the following Boot Camps:

  1.  Front Line Leadership Boot Camp
  2. Management Boot Camp

(All Leadership Development Boot Camps are adaptable to manufacturing, healthcare or service/retail/knowledge industries)

5. Introduction to Innovation and Continuous Improvement Workshop

DNA Helix-Final Draft 02

What our workshops offer:

  • Focus on the True North Excellence System©, and it’s integrated subsystems that are necessary to support a culture of innovation and continuous improvement
  • Participants will practice some of the key concepts of the system