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I’ve been lucky to study under a number of great teachers, but no one has deepened my understanding like Matt of TnT. He was not just a consultant, but a true mentor, challenging conventional thinking to impart his deep knowledge of TPS at all levels of the operation. For Merck, Matt’s coaching enabled rapid improvement that drove record levels of production.

— Joel Gross, Founder and Principal Contributor at TheKaizone.com

I am very fortunate to have worked with Matt. His excellent managing style and Team building skills are at the top-of-the-game, bar none. Matt’s passionate teaching’s of TPS are portrayed in his every action. He is a compassionate manager, who motivates his Team to accomplish great goals, using simple but rigorous tools.

— Tom Deane, Operations Manager at Magna Seating

I have been working with Matt for over a year now. Matt’s knowledge of TPS/Lean is excellent and is only exceeded by his ability to understand how to help others apply it to their own situations. We have applied his approach successfully not only to the shop floor but also in how leadership supports and promotes the efforts (Leaders Standardized work).

— Sean O’Keefe, Associate Director VVES at Merck

Finally, a program that combines management theory with practical examples, applications and assignments taken from your own environment! This opportunity to put into play what was taught moments before is  reinforced by assignments that are to be completed during the intervening weeks.

— Mike Oberemk, Operations Manager at Magna Exteriors and Interiors

I had the good fortune to attend a TPS seminar and workshop put on by SME and conducted by TnT. Using a widget assembly we were able to put learned concepts into practical practice through 6 steps to TPS implementation.

— Kevin Jenkins, Vice President Operations at ABC Group

Matt Elson and his True North Thinking team’s approach is different from a “lean” approach. Sure, the tools and techniques like problem solving, standardized work and visual management are part of it, but the deeper development of people and leaders are crucial for long term business success. I would highly recommend the TnT team!

Matt Elson, y su acercamiento como equipo de True North Thinking son diferente si los compares con un acercamiento de ‘’Lean’’. Claro las herramientas y técnicas que se usan para solucionar y estandarizar problemas son parte de, pero el desarrollo intenso de la gente y lideres son los cruciales para tener éxito a largo plazo. Yo si recomiendo el equipo de TnT.

— Rene Boerop, General Manager at Old Mexico Manufacturing

Matt Elson and his True North Thinking delivered a very instructive (and fun!) Toyota Kata Improvement Workshop for my Apotex team. The workshop was a great mix of the theory on embedding a scientific approach to improvement into an organization, as well as hands-on practical activities for leaders to practise. I would highly recommend the workshop as a starting point for any continuous improvement/leadership development journey.

— Jamie Flannery, Director at Global Manufacturing Excellence

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