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Social Media Marketing A Should Or A Could?

Apr 15, 2014 | Posted by Ben Thompson

In one of my prior philosophy courses at the University of Toronto, the philosophy of reason and action, we discussed the intrinsic difference between should and could. I was taught that a could action is a free choice, that is there is no force in the universe obliging the choicer to make that choice, it is a matter of want. This greatly differs from a should choice.

A should choice is understood as an “all things considered” action, thus with a should choice there is a reason or many reasons that validate the directive of the choicer. These reasons are thought to be objective, as in being directed by logic, causality, or in certain opinions even moral. So, why the philosophy lesson Ben one?

I am glad you asked Ben two. I’ve tried to encourage a few of my friends in the last while to super charge their careers and businesses by breaking in to social media. Many of them give similar answers “ I could do that…” It started to weigh on my mind “could do that”, “could do that”. I could not grasp why when someone was handing them a hen that lays golden eggs they didn’t rush to have that hen laying to roost.

It dawned on me, I must have failed them. I must not have been conveying to them with enough clarity just how powerful marketing with social media is. Please stop by my blog next week when I prove marketing with social media is definitely not a could but a rock solid should for all modern day excelsiors! Till then,






Learn Four Strategies To Start Improving Any Area Of Your Business