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Social Media, A Should Or A Could? Part 2

Apr 27, 2014 | Posted by Ben Thompson

Last week I promised to prove that using social media as a marketing tool was a should choice not a could choice. That “all things considered” your choice to take action and use social media as such, is a matter of a reason or many reasons that validate or even oblige you to do so. My five reasons that I am showcasing are:

Free Exposure

There is literally, between the major social media providers, databases of millions of people that are:

  • free to connect with
  • responsive (social media is all bout being heard and being able to speak one mind)
  • seeking products and approval ( people seek thing to critique and seek approval for those critiques)
  • media driven (so shovel you ideas out there, and watch them bounce around)
  • active consumers ( of information, these people tend to actually use your marketing information due to habit and ease of access)
  • multiple demographics ( so engrain in our culture now almost everybody is using it, my grandma is better at facebook then I am, no joke there.)

Free PR

Now you can actively and even on a daily bases, paint a picture of how you want to be perceived by the public:

  • update these social media communities on your daily achievements
  • your community goals and involvement
  • strike up conversations with them
  • some them the unique human side of: you, your employees, your company, your family, your interests (easy to say no to a company, not so easy to say no to a person, and a likable one at that.
  • run a PR blitz
  • be approachable, answer questions, support ideas, comment on followers doing

Free Tech Support

Good tech. support and customer service is hard to find sometimes:

  •  not the case with social media providers
  • these media tycoons serve millions of people with high traffic demands at all hours, successfully
  • fast, free, easy to work with support
  • it has to be, twitter crashes for a split second and its all over the news
  • time down for these media providers is money and prestige lost, which is why it almost never happens, making social media reliable

Plenty of Free Research

Social media is an interesting phenomenon that we are currently living in within our culture. So:

  • lots of people are interested in it
  • lots of people are studying it, reading about it, discovering its potentials
  • this makes for a lot of interesting and free research being very accessible
  • this means a lot of people are laying the ground work for you so you can shorten an already workable sized learning curve down to a more then manageable and profitable learning experience
  • after all studies currently show, social media is only going to get bigger and better

So did anyone catch the fifth reason?


It’s all 100% free, no cost, just a bit of hard work and determination to put you lightyears ahead of those who don’t dare to discover.

So do a self kaizen, Dare to do, not to try. Make social media marketing your new area of continuous improvement while you,






Learn Four Strategies To Start Improving Any Area Of Your Business