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Remote Coaching

TNT Remote Coaching Program

Do you feel like your continuous improvement efforts or learning aren’t where you want them?

Do you have questions that you can’t get answers for?

Are you tired of one-way seminars, workshops or webinars?

The True North Thinking Remote Coaching Program may be exactly what you’re looking for!


What you get:

  • An experienced coach and mentor (with direct Toyota and/or TSSC training/experience) to guide you through interpreting continuous improvement
  • An opportunity to ask questions interactively on a regular basis
  • A structured approach to real-life problems in your workplace and a vision for what is next


Remote Coaching


Program Features:

  • Interactive continuous improvement coaching & support
  • Guided assignments to accelerate learning & achieve results
  • Technology enabled gemba walks
  • Guided reflection for personal learning
  • Opportunities for “Learn by Doing” work placements


To get started on your journey to true north, email Matt Elson.


The remote coaching program allow me the opportunity to reflect on my approaches and learnings as process improvement practitioner. At times, the hardest part is unlearning some of the habits picked up over the years. Coaching for improvements in small scale, one change at a time and incrementally had made sustainment not another phase in a project. I now hear little voices telling me, “go do and learn, cause you learn by doing”. Thanks True North Thinking.
Rick ChenContinuous Improvement LeaderLakeridge Health