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Erik Hager

Oct 8, 2014 | Posted by Matt Elson

Erik’s expertise stems from the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Company. In the role of Operations Management Consultant for Toyota’s Supplier Support Centre (TSSC), Erik directed the implementation of TPS across a vast range of organizations and industries. He has developed many educational and training frameworks for organizations of various shapes and sizes.

Erik worked under the guidance and expertise of world-renowned TPS-master, Hajime Ohba. After receiving the highest level of guidance from TPS gurus and a personal sensei in Japan, Erik has developed a consulting philosophy that is copied but never reproduced. Formerly the owner and President of LPS Inc., Erik joined the True North Thinking Inc. team in 2013, after many years of close cooperation.

Following the leadership strategies and philosophies developed by Toyota and a range of other high-functioning and effective organizations, Erik helps to guide TnT and our clients, with an emphasis on people/leadership development as well as the management system aspects of TPS. His unique training and experience allow companies to be assured of expertise that is unrivaled in operational improvement and coaching.

Learn Four Strategies To Start Improving Any Area Of Your Business