Learn Four Strategies To Start Improving Any Area Of Your Business

Meet the True North Team

(Be patient with us…we have new members coming on board and will have their profiles, backgrounds, experiences and contact info posted soon!)

Kristianna Draper

Role at True North Thinking:

Social Media Coordinator

“Making small but incremental ongoing efforts to improve on a positive and progressive daily basis”


Benjamin Thompson

Role at True North Thinking:

Improvement Coach

“Sometimes the simplest solution is the best…if not, it will be a great place to start!”


Peter Kisiel

Role at True North Thinking:

Improvement Coach

“When engaging an organization in continuous improvement, people development is integral to the improvement activity in order to get their buy in and ensure stability.  The improvement action may end up having a technical component, but without the people part, it will have little benefit.”


Erik Hager

Role at True North Thinking:

Operations & Learning Leader; Senior Improvement Coach

“TPS or operational excellence is about individuals and teams interacting with their work colleagues, processes and systems to apply what they are learning about their work and themselves to make continuous improvements to the benefit of all stakeholders.”


Dave Gutscher

Role at True North Thinking:

Improvement Coach

“Without people development, continuous improvement cannot happen.  Develop your people and the rewards will be priceless.”


Rene Boerop

Role at True North Thinking:

Business Development – Mexico & Latin America / Desarrollo de negocios – México y América Latina

“Cuando tienes la oportunidad de trabajar con esta empresa como he tenido, vas a llegar rápido al punto que quieras trabajar para ellos, y aqui estoy. Tengo mucha gana de trabajar con el equipo, encontrar nuevas oportunidades y ayudar a abrir nuevas puertas.”


Christine Hager

Role at True North Thinking:

Business Development, workshops, partnerships and not-for-profits.

“In the business or my world, continuous improvement teaches me on a daily basis how to successfully juggle family, work and volunteer commitments.”


Elke Harrison

Role at True North Thinking:

Invoicing, accounts payable, payroll, bookkeeping…and keeping the rest of the team running effectively!


Rob Doggett

Role at True North Thinking:

Improvement Coach

“Our target should be to implement an autonomous system to highlight improvement opportunities to create a culture of continuous improvement and human development.”


Denis Groulx

Role at True North Thinking:

Senior Improvement Coach

“Continuous Improvement…driven by teams…supported by leaders.”

Matt Elson

Role at True North Thinking:

President & Owner; Senior Improvement Coach

“Everyday, a little up.”