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From our perspective, developing the capacity of employees and leaders is the process to develop a learning organization; getting staff to change the way they do their work is crucial in order to see long-term improvements to safety, quality, quantity and cost. Developing employee capacity has to improve the functioning of the organization as measured by these types of metrics. Capacity development does not occur in a straight line, but occurs when time is allocated to support problem solving, allowing time for reflection and identifying opportunities for improvement on a daily basis.

Continuous improvement tools are useful for various types of problem solving; however, in a true TPS system, the tools are used for developing capacity in employees – it develops critical thinking as well as improving problem solving skills.

This is a different emphasis between what our team is engaged in, as compared to other “lean consultants”. We believe primarily in people capacity development through your leaders and coaches.

As with other advanced skill sets, TPS is not truly learned “theoretically” (relying on classroom training alone), but rather it is “learned by doing”. Our integrated approach to coaching focuses on:

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How we add value

Our approach to adding value to our partners focuses on the following main pillars of support:

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Organizational, Operational & Launch / Expansion Assessments:

On Site Improvement & Innovation Support:

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Remote Coaching:

Interactive Workshops:

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